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31 march 2021

Anders Invest participates in Banzo

On March 31, 2021, Anders Invest realized a 60% participation in Banzo from Hoogeveen. The company designs and supplies recycling installations. Banzo has a turnover of € 15-20 million and employs more than 35 permanent employees. For Anders Invest, it is the 21st holding in its industry fund.


Founded in 1947, Banzo ( website ) designs, assembles, installs and maintains recycling facilities for all major Dutch garbage processors. The company specializes in so-called post-separation installations, in which residual waste (gray waste flow), green waste or construction / demolition waste is subdivided into separate waste flows that can then be further upgraded to valuable residual flows and raw materials with additional reprocessing installations. In this way, waste processors are able to reduce waste incineration and Banzo contributes to the cradle-to-cradle use of raw materials. The Netherlands is at the forefront in the approach to recycling, changing legislation in the European Union that prevents landfilling and incineration of waste offers opportunities for Banzo abroad.


Anders Invest has acquired its interest from the current owner and general manager Mr Marcel Kroon. He took over Banzo in 2011 and the company has grown significantly since then. After the takeover, the focus will mainly be on further professionalizing the company and making use of the international expansion opportunities that the company has. Mr Kroon will remain with the company for an indefinite period as shareholder and general manager and looks forward to furthering the company together with the team in Hoogeveen and Anders Invest.

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