attention generates growth.

Anders Invest is different. We invest for the long term in Dutch industry, the Food & Agri sector and (healthcare) real estate. In our industry fund, SMEs, mainly from the manufacturing industry, find a place. The Food & Agri fund comprises production and trading companies from the entire "farm to fork" chain. In our real estate funds, we have rental and care homes in our portfolio, with a focus on the potential for social cohesion. We invest with our own resources and with money entrusted to us by third parties. We work with a long-term focus, hands-on and values-oriented.

Anders Invest, nice to meet you

Anders Invest is pleasantly different and has expertise in the areas of production, strategy, finance, real estate and healthcare operation.

We think and act out of respect for mutual interests. Our focus is on the relationship. Durable and focused on the long term. We are accountable for what we do and why we do it. Open and honest, without a hidden agenda.

Involvement is a verb with us. We have proven successful in shaping growth within a wide range of (international) companies, real estate locations and healthcare organizations.


Reciprocity is that you treat another person the way you want to be treated yourself. Respect for mutual interests is the starting point. We do not enter into unilateral agreements in which only one party maximizes its profit. No big contracts and legal tricks. We always go for win-win situations.

Long-term oriented

Sustainability is a trend, but actually acting sustainably is a challenge. This means, among other things, that we take the apparent paradox between (short-term) financial results, employee development and environmental responsibility seriously. Only then will sustainable value creation be generated, also for investors. We want to be able to account for our deals to future generations.


Being transparent starts with accountability. We want to be vulnerable in this respect. Do not use a hidden agenda, but be direct and open. This means that we also admit mistakes when we make them. Transparency promotes long-term relationships.


Successful organizations are characterized by flexibility and innovation. You can only achieve this together. This means that everyone must be involved, there must be targeted and broad communication where contradiction is a source of inspiration. This way you build trust and commitment.

Our teams

Fund volume
€ 222 million

Number of investors

Number of companies in portfolio

anders | industry fund

With the Anders Invest Industrie Fonds we invest for the long term in Dutch SMEs, particularly in the manufacturing industry.

Fund volume
€ 146 mio

Number of investors

Number of residences en care units

anders | real estate funds

We invest for the long term in Dutch rental and care homes, where we attach great importance to social cohesion between our tenants and residents.

Fund volume
€ 57 mio

Number of investors

Number of portfolio companies

anders | Food & Agri Fund

With the Anders Invest Food & Agri Fund we invest for the long term in companies active in the Food & Agri sector.