15 march 2023

Anders Invest acquires Van Meirvenne

Anders Invest took over wire drawing company Van Meirvenne from Beveren (Belgium) this week. In 2022, the company achieved a turnover of approximately € 50 million and employs more than 20 employees. Since June 2022, Anders Invest has been a shareholder in wire drawing company Noord Nederlandse Draad Industrie from Dokkum.

The family business was founded in 1955 and the third generation is now active with director and shareholder Nick van Meirvenne. Van Meirvenne uses its extensive and highly automated machine park to produce rods and coils of cold-drawn wire steel. The products are used in concrete reinforcement and customers are mainly concrete producers and construction companies in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In June 2022, Anders Invest acquired the shares in wire drawing company North Dutch Wire Industry (NNDI) from Dokkum. NNDI and Van Meirvenne are now jointly part of Draad Industrie Holding B.V. and will collaborate intensively where appropriate. For example, NNDI and Van Meirvenne can use each other's production capacity and knowledge. The two companies offer a broad portfolio of wire products; from bare drawn wire to reinforcing steel.

The shares in Van Meirvenne have been taken over from Nick van Meirvenne. Together with co-director Dieter Goeminne, he commits himself for the long term as a minority shareholder and together with the recently appointed director of NNDI, Ernst Dijkstra, they manage the combination of both companies.

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Industriefonds realizes capital round of € 50 million Last week we realized a successful capital round with the Anders Invest Industrie Fonds in which we raised more than € 50 million to invest in Dutch SME production companies with a turnover of approximately € 10 million over the next 12 months with their own product. The Anders Invest Industrie Fonds has an infinite duration and invests in companies for the long term without being exit-driven. The fundraising target was higher than ever before at €45-50 million in the 10th funding round. Enthusiasm among existing investors and new entrants was undiminished and led to subscriptions of € 75 million, of which we allocated more than € 50 million. We had to disappoint various investors with a lower than desired allocation. The more than 120 new investors for whom we were able to make room participate for an initial investment of € 100,000. In this round, as with every round, there was plenty of room for getting out. In this way, the long-term fund is still a liquid investment.

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17 may 2023


Anders Invest acquires Burgers Anders Invest has acquired Burgers Carrosserie from Aalsmeer. Burgers, founded in 1925, is a manufacturer of special Double Deck Trailers. The company has a turnover of approximately € 40 million and employs more than 85 people. Burgers, which is almost 100 years old, produces Double Deck Trailers and customized trailers at its location in Aalsmeer, where it has an in-line assembly and paint shop. Due to its optimal use of space, the Double Deck Trailer has approximately 60% more loading capacity than a conventional trailer. Not only can one driver transport more freight, the increased loading capacity also increases the efficiency of logistics handling. Due to the demand for sustainable transport solutions and shortages of logistics workers, Burgers still sees a lot of growth potential for the Double Deck Trailer. Burgers supplies its trailers to leading customers including Action, Zeeman and Jumbo. In addition, Burgers serves customers with maintenance and repairs from service locations throughout Europe. The shares in Burgers have been acquired from Ton Burgers and Jan Verweij. In addition to Anders Invest, Jeroen Naalden, CEO of Burgers, is also taking an equity interest in the company.

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10 may 2023

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