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Our values


Reciprocity is that you treat another person the way you want to be treated yourself. Respect for mutual interests is the starting point. We do not enter into unilateral agreements in which only one party maximizes its profit. No big contracts and legal tricks. We always go for win-win situations.

Long-term oriented

Sustainability is a trend, but actually acting sustainably is a challenge. This means, among other things, that we take the tension between (short-term) financial results, employee development and environmental responsibility seriously. Only then will sustainable value creation be created, also for investors. We want to be able to account for our deals to future generations.


Being transparent starts with accountability. We are vulnerable in this respect. Do not use a hidden agenda, but be direct and open. This means that we also admit mistakes when we make them. Transparency promotes long-term relationships.


Successful organizations are characterized by flexibility and innovation. You can only achieve this together. This means that everyone must be involved, there must be targeted and broad communication where contradiction is a source of inspiration. This way you build trust and commitment.

Investment focus


The Anders Invest team feels at home with technical companies. Within a production or development environment, possibly in combination with service and trade, we quickly know where the challenges are due to extensive experience. We have proven successful in shaping growth within a variety of (international) companies.

Type of entrepreneur

We are committed shareholders and think long term. We work from our values and consider it important to keep talking about this with the entrepreneur. We would like to work with enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to work with us on value-oriented growth. That is why we do not participate in auction-like bidding situations.


We focus on companies with more than 25 employees and / or a turnover of more than € 5 million. We provide risk capital from € 1 million to approximately € 30 million (including co-investment volume) to companies with an enterprise value of up to approximately € 250 million (both majority and minority interests). This means that our focus - depending on the valuation - is suitable for companies with an EBITDA level of a maximum of € 15 million. Start-ups and early stage investments do not match our focus and expertise.



It starts with an introductory meeting, preferably at the company‘s location. When there is a click and there is mutual trust, the process starts. We immerse ourselves in your company and your market. It is important to us how you work and with whom you work. We will be involved for a long time, so the foundation must be good.


We provide venture capital - from € 1 million to € 50 million - and aim to acquire shares (minority or majority). We invest with our own resources and with money entrusted to us by third parties. In addition, we have a long investment horizon of at least 10 years.


We are looking for influence and not for power. We gain influence on business operations through our know-how and involvement. We draw up our cooperation contracts with a low legal profile. We limit ourselves to the essentials and we don‘t want to make money with legal tricks. Our extensive network also opens a number of extra doors.

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Food & Agri


Anders Invest participates in Banzo

On March 31, 2021, Anders Invest realized a 60% participation in Banzo from Hoogeveen. The company designs and supplies recycling installations. Banzo has a turnover of € 15-20 million and employs more than 35 permanent employees. For Anders Invest, it is the 21st holding in its industry fund.   Founded in 1947, Banzo ( website ) designs, assembles, installs and maintains recycling facilities for all major Dutch garbage processors. The company specializes in so-called post-separation installations, in which residual waste (gray waste flow), green waste or construction / demolition waste is subdivided into separate waste flows that can then be further upgraded to valuable residual flows and raw materials with additional reprocessing installations. In this way, waste processors are able to reduce waste incineration and Banzo contributes to the cradle-to-cradle use of raw materials. The Netherlands is at the forefront in the approach to recycling, changing legislation in the European Union that prevents landfilling and incineration of waste offers opportunities for Banzo abroad.   Anders Invest has acquired its interest from the current owner and general manager Mr Marcel Kroon. He took over Banzo in 2011 and the company has grown significantly since then. After the takeover, the focus will mainly be on further professionalizing the company and making use of the international expansion opportunities that the company has. Mr Kroon will remain with the company for an indefinite period as shareholder and general manager and looks forward to furthering the company together with the team in Hoogeveen and Anders Invest.

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real estate


Investment in TMS Werkendam

On 26 May 2021 Anders Invest acquired 70% of the shares in TMS from Werkendam. The company develops and assembles custom mechanical installations for use in offshore wind, maritime and civil markets. TMS has a turnover of € 15-20 million and employs approximately 25 permanent employees. It is the 22nd investment in the Anders Invest Industry Fund. Founded in 1994, TMS focuses on the engineering and delivery of unique custom installations that are used, for example, in the construction of offshore wind farms. Think of pile plugs and foundation installations for the French offshore wind farm at Saint-Nazaire and special cranes and manipulators for use on ships and civil works. The company's customer base consists of established (international) players active in offshore, maritime and civil markets. TMS is involved by its customers from the concept phase in the engineering of the special and deviating solutions that are required for the ever-changing applications and increasing safety requirements. The TMS workforce consists mainly of engineers. Production of the specific parts is outsourced to partners, the final assembly takes place in-house. The company is located in the harbor of Werkendam, where it has a modern office, recently built assembly halls and quay facilities. Anders Invest acquired its interest from the current owners of TMS, Mr Cees van Wendel de Joode and Mr Marco van Driel. They founded TMS in 1994 and since then the company has grown strongly. In mid-2020, the management was supplemented with the arrival of Mr Jan Albert Westerbeek. Jan Albert, former CEO at IHC IQIP, has a large network in the industry in which TMS is active. His experience with processes and adjacent markets are of great value for the further professionalization and expansion of TMS. The management jointly holds a 30% interest and remains associated with the company for an indefinite period of time.

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On June 17th 2021, Anders Invest acquired a minority interest of 15% in ROHR-IDRECO Dredge Systems. The company develops and produces electrical dredging installations, has a turnover of € 30-35 million and employs approximately 80 employees in four countries. It is Anders Invest's 23rd investment in its industrial fund.   ROHR-IDRECO ( website ), active since 1960, focuses on the engineering and production of electrical dredging installations. This includes suctiondredgers, bucketladder dredgers and clamshell dredgers, with a maximum working depth of up to 180 metres. The company also has an in-house developed line of pumps, suitable for applications both inside and outside the dredging industry. The installations are fully electrically powered, can be controlled fully automatically or remotely and are used, for example, in sand extraction and the cleaning of reservoirs. Because diesel is still the market standard within the dredging industry, ROHR-IDRECO can be seen as the “Tesla” in the market for dredging installations and is the world market leader in the electrical segment. The company's customer base consists of established international players who are active in the extraction of sand and other raw materials or exploitation of hydrodams. With the help of the electrical installations the customer operate in a greener way with less environmental impact. The company has production locations in Doetinchem and Mannheim (DE) as well as sales locations in France and the United States. Owners and board members Fulco Vrooland and Meindert Lodewijks, together with two informals, acquired ROHR-IDRECO in 2019 through a management buyout. Anders Invest acquires its stake from the two informals to support the company with capital and knowledge in realizing the many growth opportunities that the company has. Mr. Vrooland and Mr. Lodewijks will remain involved in the company as management and shareholders.

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real estate


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Food & Agri


Brabant Groep acquires Euroblast

Brabant Groep from Oosterhout, part of the Industriefonds of Anders Invest, has acquired the shares of Euroblast N.V. from Belgium. Brabant Groep focuses on corrosion prevention projects for various sectors such as tank construction, steel construction, petrochemicals, civil engineering, utility construction, shipbuilding and energy. Euroblast is located near the port of Antwerp and specializes in blasting and preserving steel plates for shipbuilding, tank construction, offshore applications and industry and works for Belgian, European and intercontinental customers. With the acquisition of Euroblast, Brabant Groep obtains greater geographical coverage and can serve its customers more widely. In addition, synergies can be achieved through more efficient business operations, improved use of the various locations and the sharing of logistics, facilities and work processes. Euroblast will continue to operate under its own name. This is the second expansion for Brabant Groep this year. In June, a merger between the Brabant Group entity Straco Heerenveen and Staal Technische Centrum Noord-Nederland (STC) was realised. Straco Heerenveen is active in the field of wet painting and powder coating. STC is active in blasting and wet coating applications. In time, the facilities will be expanded with a new aluminum coating line.

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Acquisition Lieverdink

Anders Invest Groeiplatform, part of the industry fund, realized a 100% participation in Lieverdink from Doetinchem on 7 October 2021. The company manufactures parquet floors and is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of tapestry floors. Lieverdink employs approximately 25 permanent employees. It is Anders Invest's 24th participation in its industry fund. Lieverdink, a family business founded in 1986 in the Achterhoek, produces high-quality traditional parquet floors. Strips, herringbone motifs and patterned floors are produced from more than 30 types of wood. In addition to traditional parquet, Lieverdink has developed its own line of two-layer parquet (Q2) specifically for use in combination with floor heating. In Doetinchem, the company has several production lines where the parquet is machined from raw planks. The company is a benchmark in the parquet industry and counts more than 800 parquet fitters among its clientele. This ensures that Lieverdink is able to realize a stable turnover with good results. The shares in Lieverdink have been taken over from the current owners, Gerben and Eric Lieverdink. The parquet factory was founded by their parents and they have been involved in the company from an early age. Gerben and Eric will remain associated with the Parketfabriek as directors for the foreseeable future. With them continuity is guaranteed and Anders Invest sees an attractive growth perspective due to the strong developments in the housing sector and opportunities in the field of internationalization.

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We are always looking for new investments and investors.

Investors can join the fund in new rounds of capital. Depending on the number of investment opportunities, we organize a capital round once or twice a year, whereby existing and new investors can invest in the fund. The first deposit is from € 100,000. You become a member of a cooperative, a common and fiscally attractive legal entity for funds. Normally your investment would fall within the participation exemption, even with a small interest. Withdrawal occurs in principle by selling the membership rights to another investor. Anders Invest facilitates this process and therefore does not have to sell companies or properties.


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