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09 september 2019

Anders Invest acquires interest in Solex

Anders Invest and its Mosman co-shareholders have a controlling interest in Solex Thermal Science Inc. acquired. Based in Calgary, Canada, Solex, like Mosman, is active in the production and sale of indirect bulk heat exchangers. The expertise of Solex and Mosman are combined so that they can achieve optimal performance for their customers.


Solex is a world leader in the development and sale of indirect heat exchangers for bulk bulk goods. In addition to the application in production processes of sugar, oilseeds and fertilizers, Solex has developed heat exchangers for a wide range of other production processes, for example for coffee beans, casting sand and energy storage media. The company has extensive expertise in product development and has a worldwide active sales team.


In its 25-year history, Solex has maintained its position as the market leader in bulk bulk heat exchangers. Due to the increasing attention to energy consumption of the production processes and the desired high quality and consistency of product output, indirect heat exchangers are being used in more and more production processes. In recent years, Solex has invested heavily in the development of its technology for applications in a wide range of bulk bulk materials.


Solex and Mosman will join forces to offer their customers optimal solutions. The locations in Calgary Canada and Haaksbergen Netherlands remain active and the combination of capacity enables Solex and Mosman to better serve their customers with products and services. As a result of the combination of the companies, the production of the heat exchangers will be concentrated in the Mosman facility in Haaksbergen and it is expected that this production location will be expanded.

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15 september 2020


Visscher Caravelle is expanding   On August 26, 2020, the industrial fund participation Visscher Caravelle acquired UGF Sud from Portugal. The accessory activities of UGF Industry (UGF OES) in France were also acquired. Both parts have been added to the VanProtech division of Visscher Caravelle. This division is mainly active in the production of Van Protection Panels and accessories that protect the inside of delivery vans. UGF Sud and UGF OES produce Van Protection Panels for PSA, Opel and Toyota. The combined turnover of these two activities is approximately € 5 million. UGF Sud will continue to manufacture and sell from Portugal as an independent group company. Delivery is made directly to 2 PSA factories in the region. UGF OES will be transferred to VanProtech Poland and fully integrated therein.   With this acquisition, Visscher Caravelle Automotive can expand its Van Protection activities by 70%. It also means a substantial expansion of its customer portfolio within this activity, a great next step in the strategic plan to become the European market leader in Van Protection products for car manufacturers. Anders Invest stepped in 2 years ago to realize these and other growth plans together with the owner's family. The turnover of the company with 1,880 employees worldwide was € 161 million in 2019.   Tiemen van Dijk, CEO of Visscher Caravelle: “As management, we are very happy with this transaction. While the crisis is still under us, Visscher Caravelle has managed to stay on course and that is what makes this transaction possible. We would like to thank all Visscher Caravelle employees for their contribution to this. ”

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11 september 2020

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