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10 october 2021

Acquisition Lieverdink

Anders Invest Groeiplatform, part of the industry fund, realized a 100% participation in Lieverdink from Doetinchem on 7 October 2021.

The company manufactures parquet floors and is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of tapestry floors. Lieverdink employs approximately 25 permanent employees. It is Anders Invest's 24th participation in its industry fund.

Lieverdink, a family business founded in 1986 in the Achterhoek, produces high-quality traditional parquet floors. Strips, herringbone motifs and patterned floors are produced from more than 30 types of wood.

In addition to traditional parquet, Lieverdink has developed its own line of two-layer parquet (Q2) specifically for use in combination with floor heating. In Doetinchem, the company has several production lines where the parquet is machined from raw planks.

The company is a benchmark in the parquet industry and counts more than 800 parquet fitters among its clientele. This ensures that Lieverdink is able to realize a stable turnover with good results.

The shares in Lieverdink have been taken over from the current owners, Gerben and Eric Lieverdink. The parquet factory was founded by their parents and they have been involved in the company from an early age.

Gerben and Eric will remain associated with the Parketfabriek as directors for the foreseeable future. With them continuity is guaranteed and Anders Invest sees an attractive growth perspective due to the strong developments in the housing sector and opportunities in the field of internationalization.

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Participation Arte Last week Anders Invest realized a 70% participation in Arte Holding from Helmond. Arte is a top player in the production of sustainable worktops in granite, composite, Dekton and ceramics. Arte has a turnover of approximately € 15-20 million and offers employment to 65 employees. Arte started in 1995 in Deurne and since the move to Helmond in 2001, production has been carried out with high-quality machinery and advanced automation. Arte produces kitchen worktops and stone applications for interior projects. Sale is to a wide circle of kitchen specialists, interior designers and architects in the middle and high segment. Arte has a modern and highly automated production facility with CNC machines, polishing machines, water jets and robotized transport and storage systems. The company has a strong eye for sustainability and CSR and has been nominated for the Koning Willem I prize for this. In addition to an independent foundation, Arte has set up a project: 'Arte Right To Education' (A.R.T.E.) with the aim of creating a child labor free zone around the quarries where Arte purchases its granite. Anders Invest acquires its interest from founder and general manager Hugo van Osch. Niels van den Beucken will retain an interest in the company and will manage the company together with new shareholder Froukje van Osch. Anders Invest will continue to work actively with the current management to continue growth and further professionalize the organization.

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