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Chris Oomen, Nice to meet you

Advisory Board - Health Care Fund

From 1987 to mid-2019, Chris Oomen was chairman of the board of health insurer DSW with more than 700,000 policyholders. DSW is insured by the fifth year in a row named best insurer and is on the 6th place as Friendliest Customer Company Netherlands. In addition to his involvement with DSW, Chris is founder and shareholder of Optiver, a leading global stock exchange trading company based on electronic market making. In addition to its headquarters in Amsterdam, Optiver also has branches in London, Shanghai, Chicago and Sydney. In addition, Chris is the founder of various companies and companies, including the Daan Teeuwes Center, which offers medical specialist neurorehabilitation for young people aged 16 to 35 with (very) serious brain injuries.

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Gert-Jan Huisman

Managing Partner

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Rutger de Vos


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Johan van Renselaar


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Farshad Boin

Property manager

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Theo van Stuijvenberg


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Jan-Dirk van de Geer


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Willem Drissen

Senior Associate

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Christian Haket

Investment Manager

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Gerald van Kooten


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Frank Nijhof

Associate Investment Manager

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Maike van Dijk

Project Manager Sustainability

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